1. The Ulnar Loop. This was part of a "make 100 of something" challenge that I completed with some friends. I chose to make 100 panels of a comic (and went way over). This is the first part. Pen+ink in a sketchbook.
  2. Another case of insomnia. Like most of my friends, I often wake at 3AM and cannot sleep. Featuring jQuery and an animated gif.
  3. This is NOT a super hero comic.. A colleague recently ribbed me about my interest in comics by saying "I don't read 'super hero comics.'" I grew up with various mythic heroes and I ate a lot of shit for in in middle and high school. Obviously, the medium has developed outside of that genre. But still, super heroes are awesome. ESPECIALLY the comics that just don't work as movies or in any other format.
  4. Gin Rumi, inspired by the Sufi poet and based on something he wrote.